About US

At Rexcel Group, we believe:

“Technology without Artistry is Irrelevant.”

Ever since technology means digital, its purpose has been making faster transactions and getting more output from a person in a day. Digital piracy also runs rampant on global scale. We believe technology can be more than just digital. When fused with art, technology becomes inspiring which is difficult to put into words, transmit, store and copy. Technology needs artistry to remain relevant and avoid commoditization. We know how to do it.

“Creativity without Execution is Worthless.”

A great idea with no action is as good as an artist’s daydream. The only way to prove the idea is to create it. We are relentless when it comes to solving problems and leading the idea to a commercial product.


We bring inspiration to technology.


Create high tech masterpiece.

Core Values

End user satisfaction is our No.1 priority.
Improve efficiency in working with partners worldwide.
Harness the power of art to integrate mind, body, spirit and technology.
Deliver superior advantage to all stakeholders in alliance with Rexcel Group.


Since its founding in 2005, Rexcel Group has been led by a uniquely diverse group of world-class experts in sales & marketing, arts & culture, strategic planning & product road map, project & program management, UX & ID design, systems architecture, software coding, hardware engineering & manufacturing. We are all unified by the common vision, mission and core values to solve most complex issues including:

1.  Codifying tacit values to design innovative products that deliver essential differentiating factors
2.  Delivering cutting-edge prototype that looks at both the design and manufacturing process
3.  Selecting the best technologies and manufacturers for long-term growth
4.  Negotiating international strategic partnership alliance
5.  Maximizing alliance benefits through effective management of partnership projects
6.  Delivering sustained ROI through improving engineering performance
7.  Maximizing revenue through effective global sales and marketing initiatives

Each group member is a superb contributor of her/his unique expertise that is shared on a “Member Platform”.

Ren Egawa CEO

Our CEO, Ren Egawa and key group partners oversee this Platform to ensure multiplier effect is produced to deliver unique and special result that exceeds expectation. Ren played a key role in transforming video industry from analog to digital in the 1990s and has been at forefront of nearly every digital transformation ever since. He has been a researcher, product designer, engineering manager, market and technology strategy executive at leading organizations in Japan, US and Europe such as Panasonic, Sarnoff/SRI and STMicroelectronics. He enjoys working with experts worldwide to create millions-dollar businesses and never forgets that successful products always touch human feelings where art rules.

Our Services

Our main business is creating products by coming up with own concept and taking it all the way to manufacturing…. while manage everything else in between: planning, spec’ing, designing, developing and prototyping. Our products are under a different brand or a third party’s brand.

We also offer “a la carte” services for those with specific needs. For examples:

Startups are interested in our MANUFACTURING SERVICE to help their project reach high quality production quickly. We make this happen by reviewing their prototype design and suggesting changes for manufacturability and work with our manufacturing partners in parallel to resolve technical and business matters to prepare for manufacturing. Our long time and trusted partners are world’s No.1 EMS and No.1 ODM/JDM (in shipping volumes) as well as small size high quality manufacturers.

VC’s are interested in our DEVELOPMENT SERVICE to assess the true value of a company that they intend to invest. Our distinguished members of technical staff will investigate the company’s technologies and advise if a truly defensible IP exists in the technologies.

US and Taiwanese companies that wish to enter Japan market have relied on our MARKETING SERVICE. Led by Rexcel’s executive members of strategic marketing, we have created and maintained profitable Japan business operation and earned stellar track record of  millions of dollar business.


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